Referees - General Information

* Certification for 2019 - registration is through GameOfficials website, which has complete information, including the schedule for new Recreational Referee (US Soccer Grade 9) classes. The classes are normally held in two three-hour sessions. You must attend both sessions (no exceptions) and pass a written test with a 75 or better.

* To register for a new Referee class, please visit and scroll down the page until you see the section for New Referee Classes.

* All Grade 8 and Grade 9 referees must complete four hours of training sessions (session schedule on SRC website). This training can be done by attending any two of the 2-hour training sessions.

* There are field training sessions, classroom training sessions, and online training sessions

* If you are going to be attending a field training session, please let Mark Oliver know (phone: 401-580-1064, email: so that you don't also get scheduled for games that day

* Grade 9 Referee Training Videos (on US Soccer website) FOLLOW THIS LINK