Volunteers are the backbone of Ocean State Soccer. All of our wonderful Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers are volunteers as are all of the Board. There are also various other roles that are essential to our organization - please consider getting involved - just a couple of hours of your time each season would help.

Please contact Rosemary Stitt, rosemarystitt@hotmail.com 401-339-1372 if you can assist with any of the below volunteer roles:

Concession Stand - help sell concessions (drinks/snacks) during recreational division games. Just 1 hour of your time, once a season is all we ask for. All profits from the concession stand are used to support the cost of maintaining our fields and facilities.
Field Line Painting - lines will need to be painted before the Fall Season starts on Sept 7th and then weekly throughout the season on either a Thursday or Friday, whenever is convenient to the painter. Painting all of the Rec fields takes about 90 minutes the two Competitive fields takes about 45-60 minutes. One volunteer would only cover either the rec or the competitive fields but not both (unless you want to do both!).
Cook-Out Day - help setting up (chairs, tables, food, grill) as well as grilling, collecting money and clean-up. Cook-Out day is held once every Rec Season (October & May) and is a wonderful community event.
Calendar Raffle Coordination - a minimum of 3 people are needed to work as a team to make the Calendar Raffle happen. This is Ocean State Soccer's annual fundraiser and it's really important for our financial well-being given the many costs involved with maintaining our fields and facilities. There is a step-by-step guide on how to pull this off successfully! The Calendar Raffle is held each May but all the planning and set-up is spread over April. Assuming 3 coordinators, total commitment is approximately 10 hours each,

Training/support is available for all of these positions.